What Compensation Can I Receive After a Car Accident for Herniated Discs?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Disc herniation can lead to long-term or permanent disability, leaving accident victims in chronic pain or an inability to perform physical activity with even the simplest of daily routines.
  • Untreated herniated discs can lead to pain and an inability to work, along with having an adverse effect on your happiness level.
  • Car accident victims who suffer from herniated discs can pursue compensation to cover the cost of injuries and other losses.
  • Working with an experienced Maryland car accident attorney who can advocate for you with insurance companies and/or in court can help empower you to pursue a fair award.

Have you ever wondered why that dull ache in your back just won’t go away, even after a seemingly minor car crash? You might be surprised to learn you’re not alone.

Many people suffer unseen injuries after a crash, and one of the most common culprits is a herniated disc. These damaged cushions in your spine can cause a surprising amount of pain and disrupt your daily life.

If you’ve been in a car accident in or near Cecil County, Maryland, and are struggling with lingering back pain, a herniated disc could be the reason. Here’s what you need to know about herniated disc injuries and how Bowers Law can help you protect your rights.

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What is a Herniated Disc Injury?

Herniated discs are a serious type of back injury affecting the “rubbery cushions” (also likened to “small pillows”) between the vertebrae bones in your back or neck. Discs prevent your vertebrae from rubbing together, causing damage. Injury to discs directly affects the bundle of nerves sending signals from your brain to the rest of your body. In a spinal injury, you might experience:

  • Pain, numbness, or weakness in arms or legs
  • Pain in lower back, thigh, calf, and/or buttocks
  • Tingling in areas of your body where nerve damage occurred
  • Sharp or burning pain in shoulders or arms if a disc slips in your neck
  • Affects only one side of your body
  • Pressure on nerves, affecting other body parts, such as your bladder
  • No symptoms at all

Often referred to as “slipped discs,” “bulging discs,” or “ruptured discs,” disc injuries can occur anywhere in the back or neck but often in the lower portion of your back. If a disc ruptures or breaks, the results can be severe.

Is a Herniated Disc Considered a Serious Injury?

Yes, herniated discs can be very serious injuries. It’s common for herniated discs to occur after experiencing a car accident, leaving victims with long-term or permanent chronic pain, numbness, and an inability to move normally. Many people need lifelong medical care after suffering a disc injury.

What Happens If a Bulging Disc Goes Untreated?

Any sort of injury, or potential injury, should be examined by a healthcare provider. Physical symptoms, aside from the obvious pain in the back or neck, can include:

  • Other bodily pain stemming from the injured points in the spine
  • Inability to sit for extended periods
  • Problems falling asleep
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Soreness and tingling in extremities
  • Nerve issues
  • Inflammatory pressure causing permanent nerve and tissue damage

Untreated spine injuries can result in costs beyond physical symptoms, including an inability to work or suffering decreased happiness levels or quality of life since they can’t enjoy things they did before.

What Compensation Can You Receive After a Car Accident for Herniated Discs?

In Maryland, there are two types of general damages in herniated disc injury cases: economic and non-economic damages.

  • Economic damages: These are calculable out-of-pocket expenses you incur, including but not limited to past medical bills, future medical expenses, medications, diagnostic testing, physical therapy, lost income, diminished earning capacity, and other actual expenses you have directly relating to the accident.
  • Non-economic damages: These are losses that do not have an exact cost calculation. They include but aren’t limited to pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

It’s a good idea to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable Maryland car accident lawyer to discuss a potential settlement value you can pursue.

Average Compensation for Herniated Disc Injuries

Many people suffering from herniated disc injuries wonder about the average amount of compensation they can receive. The reality is that it’s very difficult to predict an average settlement. While some suggest hard dollar amounts for these personal injury cases, the truth is any estimates not based on your particular case aren’t going to be an accurate reflection of a possible payout.

Every case is different. Some injury cases receive a $5,500 car accident settlement, while others receive $200K – $400K based on medical care alone. Claims with a large wage claim or extended periods of impacted work can be substantially higher. It’s impossible to predict. Injury victims should prepare for realistic expectations and know life circumstances will heavily play into what they’ll receive as an offer.

Generally, it’s not uncommon for herniated disc cases to resolve for over $100K, but insurance coverage availability is critically important in determining the amount of compensation offered. Generally, the severity of your injury (e.g., if you need surgery) will affect the amount you’ll receive in a herniated disc settlement.

Factors That Impact Your Compensation For a Herniated Disc Injury

man looking at xray with doctor in exam room

The insurance company, court, or jury will look at several factors when determining the worth of a case. The attorney you select can have a major impact on the outcome of your case. It’s common for a strong attorney to get insurance companies to settle for a fair amount since they are skilled at proving your losses.

  • How injury impacts your daily life
  • Amount of medical treatment received
  • Salary loss
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Recovery time from surgery
  • Any permanent impairments

When selecting a personal injury attorney, choose a relentless force willing to fight hard for you. Bowers Law will stand up to insurance companies and, if necessary, take your case to court to aggressively fight for a fair award.

Why Clients Choose Bowers Law

Clients often seek Bowers Law for legal advice because our law firm fights for what’s right. Accident victims shouldn’t have to live life struggling after suffering a severe injury, such as a herniated disc. Our personal injury lawyers will actively investigate an accident and gather evidence to determine fault.

Our firm once had a case where a client had a bad experience with a completely unrelated surgery years before the auto accident. The client then suffered a herniated disc injury and was reluctant to have recommended surgery due to their extreme fear. As a result, the insurance company had no interest in giving a real settlement amount on the case. They offered a mere $45K, but Bowers Law took the case to trial, and our client received a $275K jury verdict.

Client Story: Bowers Law had a client who had surgery, was being driven home from the hospital, and got rear-ended. The impact was so great that the new hardware in her back snapped a week after her surgery, and she had to redo it. Her case was settled quickly for $250K.

Recent Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

“I was recently involved in a car accident, and a friend insisted I contact Bowers Law. The entire team helped me navigate what would have been a very complicated and overwhelming situation. They made the entire process easy and educated me on what was happening along the way. I’m so glad I contacted them. Jobeth Bowers is the person you want on your side if you are involved in an accident!” — Dimi M.

“Mr. Bowers himself has represented me more than once on different occasions, and his promptness, professionalism, and pride he took in defending me and pursuing the agenda is unmatched to my experience with other law firms. The transparency and communication you’ll receive add comfort and confidence to the process. […] Plain and simple…no matter the issue, BIG or small, Bowers Law is my first call. Mr. Bowers, I want to personally thank you for what you did for me when we first met. You literally stepped in and saved my life when others told me there was no hope. […] You’re a magician, my friend.” — E.

We’ve Got Your Back

Are you suffering from back or neck pain after a motor vehicle accident? If you or a loved one suffers from herniated discs, the compassionate personal injury attorneys at Bowers Law are here for you. Our attorneys are very experienced with car accident cases, and we’ll never undervalue your case and will fight for what’s best for you.

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Frequent Answered Questions

Can Whiplash Cause Bulging Discs?

Yes, whiplash can cause bulging discs. Since whiplash injuries usually affect your neck and back of your head, any muscles and ligaments in this area of your body are vulnerable due to the jerking movement associated with whiplash.

Is a Herniated Disc a Permanent Injury?

Sometimes a herniated disc becomes a permanent injury. A herniated disc may heal completely, but it may not. It may also become asymptomatic, meaning you don’t fully heal, but you don’t have severe pain or limited motion.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Herniated Disc Case?

The length of a herniated disc injury claim case varies on several factors. It’s hard to give a definite answer since different factors will apply to individual cases. How bad the damage is and what needs to be done will need to be considered.

  • Do you need surgery? (Or did it occur?)
  • Who is the insurance carrier?
  • What are policy limits on liability?
  • Where did the accident happen?
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