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What Makes Us Different

Client feedback and “testimonials” are often found on every law firm’s website. We take great pride in the results that we achieve for our clients, the education we provide to them and their family members, and the overall wellbeing that we achieve through each client
interaction. Not only do we strive for a high level of customer/client satisfaction, we encourage our clients and colleagues to refer to us friends, family members or anyone else that they know who may be in need of our services. Nearly 80% of our client base originated from a referral relationship. The numbers speak for themselves.

What our clients are saying about Bowers Law:

We could easily post a list of quotes from various clients, but you would have no way to know whether or not they are real, or if we just made them up to look good. It also would provide us the ability to filter out anything we didn’t want you to see. Instead of us cherry-picking the good stuff, we’ve provided a list of links to resources where our clients often provide us with reviews. This way, you can not only look through them and judge for yourself but if you are a client/former client, then you’ll have the ability to quickly leave a review on the sites that we find most important for feedback. Note, when leaving feedback, please do not provide personal information or too specific of private details, as they will be seen by the public.