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Frank Natale

Frank has a high level of experience in both private practice and public service that displays his passion for fighting to achieve justice for the underdog.

After graduating from the University of Dayton School of Law, Frank began his career in private practice with Dallas W. Hartman PC, concentrating his entire practice on helping individuals who were injured to get the compensation they deserved.  Frank handled hundreds of medical depositions and hearings within his first two years of practice.  It was here that he honed his ability to understand the intersection of law and medicine and to use that knowledge to maximize outcomes for his clients.

Frank later become a partner in the Law firm of Cusick, Leymarie, Natale & Long for five years in Pennsylvania where he concentrated his practice in the areas of employment law, personal injury and civil litigation. Subsequently, he started his own boutique civil litigation practice which focused on plaintiff’s medical malpractice litigation.  The cases Frank handled were often complex and involved serious injuries or diseases of the brain. These experiences helped Frank acquire and hone a keen ability to communicate his client’s cases to juries.  While many cases don’t end up in trial, Frank intentionally worked on cases that required a jury trial.

Frank served as the Director of Advocacy for Income Security at the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau. In this capacity, Frank directly supervised the statewide migrant farmworker project and the strategic aspects of the firm’s employment and public benefits practices. He directed and oversaw much of the firm’s litigation in all practice areas. He provided regular trainings on basic and advanced litigation techniques. Frank advised the Language Access Task Force, Workers Rights Task Force, Public Benefits Task Force, as well as the Veterans Work Group and Human Rights Work Group. During his tenure at Legal Aid, he litigated an important language access case in Federal Court which required the City of Salisbury, MD to adopt language access policies and procedures and to train its personnel and police officers on the use of language line when interacting with limited English proficient individuals. Frank also led non-litigation advocacy strategies that remedied long-standing problems with LEP individuals accessing public benefits and government services through the Department of Human Resources. Additionally, he served as the project director for the Lawyer in the Library project that embedded lawyers at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in West Baltimore. He was regularly requested to testify on pending legislation involving worker’s rights and public benefits in the state of Maryland.

Frank became the first Litigation and Advocacy Director of Neighborhood Legal Services Program of Washington DC on January 4, 2016. In that capacity, he provided a strategic vision for the firm’s litigation practice in each of its practice groups.

Frank currently concentrates his practice in the area of serious medical malpractice, especially the failure to diagnose brain cancers, failure to properly treat brain diseases, and the general failure to meet the standard of care for treatment of congenital brain illnesses and conditions.  Frank has achieved large awards and settlements on behalf of clients in complicated cases.

Frank has a proven record of taking on difficult cases with tenacity and has never shied from the powerful entities he faces.  If you believe you or someone in your life has suffered as a result of a medical error or negligence, call Bowers Law at (410) 885-6200 to speak with Frank about your case.