What To Know About Maryland Auto Insurance Laws

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Shopping for Auto Insurance in Maryland?

Wondering what you need to know about Maryland auto insurance laws and how to protect yourself in the event of an auto accident?

Be sure to ask these 6 key questions below. While our Maryland Auto Accident Law Office does not sell automobile insurance policies, we deal with them every single moment of every single day in handling the hundreds of injury cases each year in our office. Many times our clients are unaware of what coverage they have on their policies until an accident has already occurred, and they’re hearing it from us as we try to maximize the value of their injury claim.

Yes, the decisions you make on purchasing automobile insurance can have a substantial impact on the amount of in pocket money that is left for you following an auto accident settlement in Maryland. Since we find this topic so incredibly important, our Baltimore injury attorneys have put together a brief list of crucial questions to ask your insurance agent (or potential insurance agent) when you’re getting quotes for auto insurance.

In the unfortunate event you have been injured in a car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident or pedestrian accident anywhere in MD please contact our auto accident lawyers serving the Elkton, Annapolis, Baltimore, Ocean City & Bel Air areas for a free case evaluation.

1) Be sure you’re working with an actual insurance agent.

This is a huge tip that many people skip due to the ease of doing so many things online. If you work directly with an auto insurance agent their commission comes out of the premium, but does not increase the premiums, so you’re basically getting an agent for free. Do not buy insurance directly online, we have found this is one of the ways many insurance companies hide the fact that they are not offering complete policies to their drivers.


Also known as PIP coverage, and check prices to increase it. Our website, blog, podcast, books, and youtube channel are filled with information on this valuable part of your Maryland auto insurance policy. Be sure you are not waiving PIP (see tip #1 and don’t buy online) and ask your agent how much PIP you can get, and what different amounts will cost. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it is to double or triple this coverage.

3) Check on your liability limits.

Maryland’s minimum liability limits will only cover up to $30,000 of someone’s injuries in an auto accident claim. If someone suffers a broken bone, misses substantial time from work, has injections, or needs a surgery claim values can far exceed this amount. Your insurance company will only pay up to the limit of coverage, so a verdict against you or someone driving your vehicle above $30,000 could have you required to pay the extra money out of pocket. Increasing this coverage to $100,000 or even $250,000 will cost more, but not nearly as much as you’d think for such a substantial increase.

4) Does your Uninsured Motorist and or Underinsured Motorist coverage (UM/UIM) match your liability limits?

Most of the time it does, but some tricky quoting systems will try to decrease this coverage to save you a few dollars. This coverage is in place to protect YOU or someone in YOUR vehicle if someone else causes you substantial injuries. As you increase your liability coverage, be sure that your UM/UIM coverage increases as well.

5) Ask about Enhanced UIM.

This is a newer coverage in Maryland. It will allow you to stack your UIM coverage on top of the liability coverage of an at-fault driver. In many cases, this can substantially increase your maximum recovery from insurance companies. The benefit far outweighs the cost.

6) Ask your agent about the price differences.

If cost is a factor to you (as it is to most) ask your agent about the price differences that surround increasing or decreasing your collision deductible. These have a large impact on rates, and for safe drivers can be a great way to save on premiums.

We welcome anyone in Maryland, whether you are a client of our firm or not, to reach out to us for an absolutely free auto insurance policy review. As mentioned, we do not sell insurance, so there’s not going to be a sales pitch at the end of the session, just free guidance on ways to better protect you or your family should the need arise to use your auto insurance.

Reach out by phone or text to (410) 885-6200 and we’ll get right on the absolutely free auto insurance review. Finally, should you or anyone in your family be injured in an automobile accident anywhere in Maryland, reach out to our Maryland auto accident attorneys as soon as possible so we can help navigate the situation, including the best way in which to utilize your auto insurance policy.

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