Spring Break and summer “vacation”

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I’m taking a vacation this summer!

Not really….However, I am taking one classroom class (Constitutional Criminal Procedure 1) and doing a summer internship at the Office of the Public Defender in Cecil County.

Why am I calling this a vacation?

1) Taking only one class means only thinking along one doctrinal line….right now I am taking 5 classes and thinking about 5 different things at any given time.

2) The internship is local: Right now I drive into Baltimore from my home 5 days most weeks. This summer I will only be driving in 3 days for week. This is a big break.

3) I am also beginning my “clone myself” process, hopefully in the next few weeks. My valued assistant at work, who left a few months ago, is likely returning. My goal is to train her to replace me, once I am a lawyer. My schedule this semester has created a significant disconnect between me and the office. Essentially, I’m only in the office 2 and a half days per week, I really have no idea what is going on day to day. When I serve as the “office manager” this is a big deal, negatively. My hope is to train a new office manager. One that I know well, trust, and will kick ass and take over for me.

We are working hard to create significantly streamlined systems in the office, and we are getting very close.

There are a few pieces of the puzzle that are missing, some of which we are working to fill and solidify.

A lot of this should get ironed out over the next week, during my spring break. I’ll be spending much more time in the office.

Jobeth Bowers

Written By Jobeth Bowers

Maryland Attorney Jobeth Bowers is the founder of Bowers Law and a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law

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