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Accident Scene Investigation

Our office has found through years of experience that knowledge and preparation are among the top ways be to ahead of your opponent. When dealing with a Maryland Automobile Accident your opponent is most likely an insurance company. Most insurance companies thrive upon paying out as little as possible on auto accident injury claims, which means they want to pay you less money for your injuries.

One of the best ways to be more knowledgeable and better prepared than the insurance company is to hire a lawyer that will investigate the accident scene shortly after the accident occurs. Many insurance companies utilize internal employees, or adjusters, who are assigned to a number of claims and will ultimately review the facts of the accident, the injuries to the parties, and negotiate a settlement of any injury claims for the accident. For the most part insurance company adjusters are desk workers that stay in an office most of the working day. They are often forced to rely on the statements that are given by their insured drivers to determine the facts of an accident. We have found that a simple visit to the accident site, early in the litigation process, can create a significant advantage in some cases where stories are inconsistent between the driver causing the accident, and the victims of that accident.

Often times it is the lawyer himself who will visit the accident scene, typically with his client, and get a first-hand look at where and how the accident took place. If the accident has occurred in Elkton or another part of Cecil County, this can often serve as the initial client meeting. These preparation stages are key to having a full understanding of the facts of the accident, often providing a significant advantage when working against an insurance company on behalf of an injured client.

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