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Intersections throughout Maryland, particularly busy intersections on major highways, are often very dangerous roads to travel on. A large percentage of motor vehicle accidents historically occur at intersections. With so much activity at an intersection, including vehicles turning, drivers changing lanes, pedestrians crossing and stopping at stoplights there is an increased risk of driver negligence and a consequential auto accident. If you or a loved one have been hurt, injured or killed in an intersection anywhere in MD it makes sense to consult with a Baltimore County & Maryland Intersection Accident Lawyer. The state of Maryland allows a 3 year statute of limitations on auto accident or wrongful death lawsuits so time is of the essence.

Causes Of Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents can be caused my many factors such as:
Hazardous Road Conditions
Construction Zones
Improperly Functioning Traffic Lights
Failure to Yield
Ignoring Traffic Signal
Driving Through Stop Sign
Inattentive Driving

Determining Liability In A Maryland Intersection Accident

Auto accident liability can be difficult to determine as each case is unique. Most intersection accidents in southeastern Pennsylvania are caused by human errors. Some of these include inattentive driving, drunk driving, erratic driving behaviors and other driver negligence. In these cases liability falls onto the driver who caused the accident. They will typically be responsible for
injuries and property damage sustained by passengers in their vehicle as well as the drivers and passengers inside vehicle they struck. If the negligent driver struck a pedestrian or bicyclist they are usually responsible for their injuries as well. In these cases damages will ideally be covered by the other driver’s insurance carrier.

Sometimes intersection accidents are not necessarily due to negligent driving practices. There can be other persons or parties liable in these cases. For instance, if an accident is caused due to improperly functioning traffic lights, or loose gravel and road debris in a construction zone the responsible party can be a municipality, utility company or construction company. There can also be other 3rd parties responsible such as subcontractors, labor companies, etc. A skilled and experienced Maryland Intersection Accident Lawyer will determine who, or what parties, are liable regarding your injuries.

How A Baltimore Intersection Accident Lawyer Can Help You

There are many factors that go into successfully handling an intersection accident case in MD. In addition to getting your car repaired or replaced you may be plagued with injuries after an auto accident. Some of these injuries may not appear until
sometime after the accident. With significant injury you may suffer financial losses in the form of mounting medical expenses, therapy bills, medication costs and lost wages due to missing work. You may also experience a diminished quality of life, pain and suffering. Retaining a Harford County Accident Lawyer will allow you to potentially get financial compensation for
you based on your injuries.

Contact A Baltimore County Intersection Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in an intersection accident in Maryland, you should contact an Elkton Accident Lawyer in the immediate future. Please contact the Annapolis Auto Accident Lawyers at our firm if you have been hurt in an auto accident in Maryland. Or, email them by clicking here. Our Elkton car accident lawyers offer free consultations for accident victims in MD. They also work on a contingence fee basis for auto accidents. This means they charge nothing unless they recover for you.

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