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Maryland New Business Lawyers

It’s easier to do it right the first time than to fix mistakes later.
Business Startup: Businessman signing a paper document

When starting a new business, the tasks ahead of you may seem daunting and never-ending. Hiring an attorney to assist with the formation of a new business can be useful in a variety of ways. Our office can sit down, and assist with the decision making process in determining the proper business entity to form, how to manage the hiring process and paying employees and independent contractors, determining a precise and streamlined business plan, and acquiring the proper tools to implement your plan.

Our services reach beyond the initial business entity selection, formation, and drafting of agreements such as operating agreements, corporate charters, or partnership agreements. If you desire, we have skills and outside resources to provide a variety of consulting services, including but not limited to business to business networking, marketing, advertising and more. Many of our clients benefit greatly from our pre-established relationships with a variety of advertising resources. The utilization of these relationships cuts a lot of time and effort out of negotiating the best prices and placements.

We can also handle your company’s ongoing legal needs. In many instances, these legal needs are minor at first, but it is always proper and beneficial to have counsel on retainer ahead of time. It is always good to have and not need instead of to need and not have. The ongoing relationship you have with your counsel will save time and money if and when a legitimate need should arise.

If you are looking to form a new business entity, whether on your own or with colleagues and business partners, contact us today to sit down and discuss the options that may be available to you as well as the various benefits each has. Call (410)-975-7000 to schedule a consultation today.