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Cecil County Acquisitions Law Firm

Consulting and evaluating the purchases of existing business entities

Many of our business colleagues have started one or a number of businesses completely from scratch. They have utilized our advice and expertise a variety of methods, from entity formation to ongoing corporate counsel, and other such guidance.

Other business clients of ours prefer to rehab or renovate existing businesses by buying them up and revitalizing them into a more profitable venture. There are many potential hurdles and issues that arise from the acquisition of an existing business.

Our firm’s lawyers are experienced and comfortable with including:

  • Business valuation
  • Vendor contract review
  • Financial viability review
  • Employee Contract review
  • Business Structure analysis
  • Market projections
  • Advertising Analysis

Many of these areas of expertise are available directly through our office, and others are effectuated through the use of highly qualified and proven experts in a variety of economic fields.

Our office maintains a continuous relationship with some of the more trusted experts in the necessary fields to properly evaluate the real status of a business, and potential for future success after an acquisition.

Purchasing an Existing Business?

If you are considering purchasing an existing business, do not do so without hiring experienced attorneys and economic experts that will give you a more neutral view and perspective on the potential purchase than the current owner of that business.

Remember, they’re trying to sell their business for a reason, and their business valuation experts have nothing to gain from highlighting any of the negative issues in their client’s business.

To discuss options for representation in a business acquisition situation call (410) 885-6200 today.