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Being an active duty service member is difficult enough as it is a very taxing and demanding, yet noble, career choice. It is not only taxing on the service member but also on their dependents, spouse, children and family.

In some cases this can lead to family law issues such as divorce, child support, child custody and alimony in Maryland. Divorce and family law issues for active duty members can also be complicated by where the spouse or child (or children) live and or their home of record. Maryland has residency requirements for filing divorce and military families do not always meet those requirements. Add in the member being deployed for months, or years, at a time and having to go through this while deployed and it is easy to see why you would need a Maryland family law attorney handling military family law cases working on your behalf to protect your rights and interests. To discuss your military divorce, alimony, child custody or support needs with our Aberdeen divorce lawyers please click here. All military family law case evaluations are provided free of charge.

With offices in Baltimore, Aberdeen and Elkton our family law attorneys help both civilian and military members going through tough family law issues in the Aberdeen, Annapolis, Baltimore,Bel Air, Elkton and Fort Meade, MD areas.

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The Military Population In Maryland

As of 2020 it is estimated that the state of Maryland has just over 28,000 active duty military members throughout the different installations such as Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Andrews Air Force Base, Fort Meade, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Walter Reed and the U.S. Naval Academy among others.

Washington DC, which borders part of Maryland has an additional 18,000 service members and due to the cost of living many of them reside in Maryland. Our Annapolis, MD military divorce attorneys help all service members in Maryland with getting through legal issues surrounding family law. Please feel free to reach out to the family law attorneys @bowerslawmd for a complimentary case analysis.

The Service Members Civil Relief Act

Active duty, and in some cases deployed reservists, have benefits and rights in place to protect them while serving their country. They can vary based on the situation and many are outlined in the Service Members Relief Act. The Service Members Civil Relief Act is in place protect service members’ legal rights while deployed or on active duty. As far as family law and divorce when one spouse files for divorce the other spouse has to respond within a certain time period. However, according to the SCRA:

A postponement of a civil court or administrative proceeding is extended if the service member proves he or she is unable to attend because of duty; or

Certain protections on default judgments for failure to respond to a lawsuit or failure to appear at trial are granted.

A military attorney, known as a JAG officer, cannot represent you or your spouse in family law court. However they can refer you to a nongovernment civilian lawyer such as the Fort Meade family law attorneys @bowerslawmd.

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To discuss your family law matters in confidence and learn what your rights are please click here. With multiple offices in Maryland our attorneys serve the Annapolis, Fort Meade, Baltimore, Bethesda and Aberdeen areas.

Serving members of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marines & U.S. Navy with family law issues in Maryland.

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