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Filing early expungements for various Maryland criminal records

We help with filing early expungements for various Maryland criminal records

Since the mid-2000s in America, the job and housing markets have become increasingly more and more competitive. With that tightening of the markets, one’s criminal record and background have become more and more important with their ability to get a good job, a promotion, or be accepted into certain housing programs or even be offered the opportunity to rent a house or apartment.

What most people do not realize when being charged with a crime in Maryland is that information becomes part of the public record, and is easy for anyone to search for and learn about. Regardless of the outcome of a legal matter, the fact that someone was charged with a crime is often still available to be searched. Many potential employers or landlords do not understand how to properly read and interpret the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, and when criminal charges are dropped, or a not guilty verdict is entered, they see the issuance of charges as a conviction.

Charges on your criminal record often do not automatically remove themselves. Unlike your driving record, where most charges “drop off” after 3 or more years, criminal charges will remain regardless of the outcome unless you take action to request their removal, or expungement.

Many people do not understand what dispositions and charges are and are not eligible for expungement, and the time frames for expungement can be confusing. Our office is up to date and aware with all of the changes in the Maryland legislature on expungement of criminal records, and can help guide and determine whether or not certain charges are eligible to be removed.

Do not assume that your past charges are or are not able to be expunged. Also, many attorneys may tell you that you must wait a long time to have charges expunged, and in some cases that may not be true.

Contact our office at (410) 885-6200 for a free consultation and low-cost representation in having charges expunged from your criminal record. We are aware of the situations in which you can and cannot have charges expunged, including certain guilty findings that can be expunged, including the proper steps to have Maryland criminal charges expunged early.