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Recovering Social Security Disability Money for Maryland Residents

Are you facing serious physical or mental disabilities that impact your ability to maintain gainful full-time employment? Have those disabilities significantly changed your ability to work in such a way that you are unable to focus or concentrate on your job? You may be eligible for social security disability benefits through the federal government if those disabilities are permanent, have lasted or are expected to last for a year or more.

If you are thinking of filing for social security disability or have applied and been denied, you will want to contact an experienced social security law firm to help you with the process.

FACT: The government denies the vast majority of first-time social security disability applications when filed without the help of an attorney.

FACT: Of those originally denied claims, when handled by an experienced attorney nearly 70% of these claims are ultimately awarded benefits in the reconsideration or appeal phase of the claim.

There are a variety of factors that lead up to eligibility of a disability determination according to the Federal Social Security Act. When considered disabled by the act, you may be eligible for either SSDI benefits or SSI benefits, depending upon your recent work history.

FACT: Whether or not you have been consistently employed will not change your eligibility for benefits, it will only impact which benefits you are eligible for.

When denied benefits after an initial application there are very strict time limits to filing for an appeal. Most of the time, if you are considering filing for benefits it is in your best interest to have our office file the application on your behalf. While that is not a foolproof method to instant approval, it certainly increases the odds of approval, and will help you get benefits faster.

Having our office file the initial application also ensures that if the initial application is denied, our office is notified of the denial as soon as you are, and we can file the appeal on your behalf as soon as possible, also speeding up the time for you to be awarded benefits.

Before filing your application for social security disability benefits, contact our office at (410) 885-6200 for free guidance on the process, and to have our office file the application on your behalf at no cost to you. Our office only gets paid when we win benefits for you, no upfront costs are ever charged to our social security disability clients.

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