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Maryland Burn Injury Lawyer

Injuries caused by burns can be excruciatingly painful for the burn victim. Depending on the severity and degree of the burn they can cause severe physical, emotional and mental trauma. The deeper the burn, the longer and more extensive the treatment plan and recovery period.

Burns are measured in terms of degrees which refer to the depth of the burn. A first degree burn is superficial and rarely poses a health threat to the victim. First degree burns allow the skin to perform its functions such as regulating body temperature and preventing infection. Second degree burns are deeper and damage the second layer of skin called the dermis.

Often times they are also referred to as partial thickness burns. Loss of skin function is normally a result of second degree burns. Blistering of the skin is common with second degree burns. They are among the most painful due to the layer of skin that falls away, exposing the raw nerve. Third degree burns are the deepest and most severe. A third degree will burn and destroy any sensation in the nerves so the burn victim may feel nothing at the burn site.

Causes and Complications of Burn Injuries

Burns caused be caused by a plethora of accidents such as:

  • Injuries in the Workplace
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Auto Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Explosions
  • Chemical Burns
  • Defective Products such as pressure cookers
  • Nursing Home/Treatment Center Abuse or Neglect
  • Electrocution

If you have sustained a burn injury as a result of a workplace accident, work related injury or
other type of non work related accident in Maryland call the Baltimore burn injury lawyers at
Bowers Law for a free consultation.

Assessment Of A Burn Injury

The Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) effected by the burn is used to assess burns of the skin. In
an adult the ‘Rule of Nines’ is typically used when trying to determine total percentage of body
burned. The Rule of Nines takes into consideration factors such as burns covering multiple body
parts or burns not fully covering a body part. In adults, each area of the body is assigned a
percentage based on its size and surface area. Rule of Nines percentages for an average sized
adult are outlined below:

Anatomic Structure Surface Area

  • Head
  • Front Torso
  • Rear Torso
  • Each Leg
  • Each Arm
  • Genitalia

The arms and legs can be further broken down percentage wise if only front (anterior) or rear (posterior) portion is burnt.

Assessment Of Burns In Children & Infant

In children, burns are assessed very similarly to adults with one primary difference. For an infant, toddler or child with a burn injury, the body parts are assigned a different surface area percentage. The percentages differ at different ages due to the fact that the ratio of combined surface area of head and neck differs to that of an adult. This assignment is called the Lund- Browder chart and is outlined below:

Anatomic Structure Surface Area %
Head 17%
Front Torso 18%
Rear Torso 18%
Each Leg 26%
Each Arm 18%
Genitalia 1%

Connect With A Maryland Burn Injury Lawyer

A burn injury can easily become a catastrophic event in one’s life. If you are burnt at work or in
an accident in Maryland call the Bel Air burn injury @bowerslawmd to discuss your case. Mr. Bowers & his associates have many years experience handling burn injury claims in Maryland. Let them put their experience to work for you. They offer free consults and charge no fee unless they recover on your behalf. They have offices located throughout Maryland.

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