Tiger Woods Accident. Who will pay?

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Reports circulated quickly midday February 23, 2021 on all major media and social media outlets about the single vehicle accident that Golf Pro Tiger Woods was involved in that morning in Southern California. As you can see from the Associated Press provided photo, damages to the 2021 Hyundai SUV were extensive, and most likely a total loss. Injuries were also reporting, including possible fracture to the leg or ankle, and other leg injuries.

We wish Tiger the best in his recovery from this, but will take the opportunity to answer important accident related question as to who will likely pay for the damages that occurred here. This information can be useful in analyzing your own insurance policy to make sure your coverage is adequate. As always, my office offers free auto insurance evaluations, where we’ll provide our “auto insurance report card” and break everything down for your specific situation, just call or text our office any time (410) 885-6200 and we’ll take care of you.

Probable damages from this loss:

2021 Hyundai SUV. We’ve priced this vehicle with all of the upgraded features, low mileage, and in excellent condition for the purposes of this look into the applicable insurance coverage. We’ll have to look to Tiger’s own insurance coverage here, since there are no other vehicles reported that could be responsible for these payments. Even will all the bells and whistles, and low mileage, what we assume this vehicle is maxes out it’s value around $28,000. The next question becomes collision coverage. First, if you were in this accident and did not have collision coverage, you would be 100% out of pocket for the cost of the vehicle, or continue to pay the car loan. If you did have the coverage, the question becomes how much?

If this were a Maryland registered and insured vehicle, the minimum coverage for property damage is only $15,000. If you only had that minimum coverage, and you owed close to $28,000 on this relatively new vehicle, you’d still be on the hook for over $13,000!

This is why we take the extra time to look at anyone’s vehicle insurance policy, and provide our absolutely free review.

Physical Injuries to Driver. Reports indicate potentially serious injuries, and there is hint of a surgery. These medical bills could be upwards of $100,000. Perhaps more with follow-up recovery, physical therapy, and otherwise. Who pays for this? The primary would be the vehicle’s Personal Injury Protection(PIP) coverage, and any applicable Medpay. This is another area we look very closely at when offering policy reviews. In Maryland, the most PIP you can buy is $10,000, but there is no limit to how much medpay an insurer is permitted to offer you, but some companies place their own caps on this coverage. If you didn’t have the coverage here, the next step would be to utilize health insurance, subject to any co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles for the plan.

Fortunately there were no reported passengers in the Woods vehicle. In this instance, there would be a potential claim for injury related damages by the passenger against Woods and his insurance policy. Our office is adept at handling these single vehicle injury claims for passengers, and recently resolved one such claim for the policy limits of $100,000.

If you were a passenger in an accident, whether multiple vehicle or single vehicle, do not hesitate to call, or email, our office for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss potential options. We’re available at any time via phone or text at (410) 885-6200 . Our team is always ready to discuss these options with you, and push to have your medical bills and other damages paid for, as well as time missed from work, and pain and suffering payments.

Jobeth Bowers

Written By Jobeth Bowers

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