Top Insurance Company Offenders of 2019

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in 2019 Elkton Auto accident and injury attorney Jobeth Bowers and Bowers Law handled over 300 new automobile accident cases for clients, primarily located in Cecil County, Maryland. Some of these claims settled amicably upon completion of our client’s medical treatment. Others we received offers that were so bad that we were forced to file lawsuits to protect our clients’ interests.

You may want to know which insurance companies on the other side of most of these lawsuits.

Why would you want to know this? Very simple, there are two main reasons why you’ll want to know what companies are on the receiving end of most of our law suits.

  1. If you’re shopping for insurance, you may want to avoid these companies. Companies who do not properly value injury claims are responsible for more lawsuits against their insureds that all the rest.
  2. If you are injured as a result of someone insured by one of these companies, you probably want to waste no time in calling us to take over the handling of your claim!

While we feel that no insurance company is really perfect, here are the real bad guys from 2019:

  1. Liberty Mutual. Emu and Doug are the absolute TOP offenders when it comes to offering injured claimants fair value for their claims. Most of the offers we receive in these claims do not even cover the medical bills. Nearly 90% of the claims that have Liberty Mutual on the opposing side result in the filing of a lawsuit from our office.
  2. Progressive. They’re not quite as bad as Liberty Mutual, but it’s mostly the same story. The only difference here, is Progressive’s attorneys will usually negotiate with you prior to going to trial. We eventually settle a large portion of these prior to going to trial.
  3. Allstate. Horrible. Their claims office has no understanding for the severity of claims and injuries in Cecil County. They think that they are the be all and end all of what medical treatment should cost, and feel they should dictate the price of your medical bills. They have little to no understanding that there are very few choices in the area for chiropractic care or physical therapy for injuries, and as a result, low ball offers based on this notion. Fear not, when our office files suit in these cases, we often receive verdicts well in excess of the pre-suit offers, sometimes more than double!

Moral of the story, be careful which insurance company you do business with. It may result in you being drug into court for a simple and straight forward accident that you assumed you had insurance to cover. It may also result in you receiving the run-around if you’re injured by someone insured by one of these companies.

As always, never hesitate to call Bowers Law for help in these situations. (410) 885-6200 . We’re always here to help!

Jobeth Bowers

Written By Jobeth Bowers

Maryland Attorney Jobeth Bowers is the founder of Bowers Law and a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law

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