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I was recently hired by an Elkton, Maryland resident to represent him with respect to a work-related injury. He originally filed a claim due to the injury and was sent to a doctor. When his condition did not improve, the doctor suggested that his symptoms were indicative of a meniscus tear, and suggested an MRI to verify the assumption. The insurance company denied the request of the doctor for the MRI and wanted the injured worker to return to work. Due to his frustration, the client found and reached out to me for representation. Upon hiring me, I entered my appearance with the commission and sent a standard letter putting the insurance company on notice that I was representing him on behalf of the injury claim. Within 24 hours, and without my even picking up the phone to call the insurance company due to my own busy trial schedule, I received a call from my client letting me know that his MRI had now been approved!

Not all situations are this simple, and most require more of a fight. The simple fact remains, however, and the moral of this story is simple. If an insurance company sees an opportunity to deny a claim, or part of a claim, and you are not represented by an attorney, many will attempt the seize the opportunity to save some money, and hope that the injured party will just move on, give up, and walk away.

This isn’t just a worker’s compensation issue. This works the same way for any injury situation. It’s always advisable to at least discuss these claims with an attorney prior to making any big decisions. To discuss an injury matter with my office for free, contact me at any time at (410) 885-6200 .

Jobeth Bowers

Written By Jobeth Bowers

Maryland Attorney Jobeth Bowers is the founder of Bowers Law and a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law

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